Children have special legal needs and in most cases are treated differently than adults by the court system. In Virginia, the family court has jurisdiction over children who are charged with both criminal and status offenses.  Our attorneys serve our clients in the Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield areas.

Status offenses are those offenses which would not be a crime if committed by an adult, such as incorrigibility (beyond the control of the parents), running away, and truancy (failure to attend school as required by law). A person’s age determines whether he or she will be treated as a child and tried in family court, or treated as an adult and tried in adult court. Virginia law defines “child,” for juvenile justice purposes, as a person less than eighteen (18) years of age.   The juvenile justice system is more rehabilitative and aims to deter future criminal behavior.  However, juveniles who are charged with very serious crimes (usually violent felonies) may be transferred to adult court.

The Juvenile Justice system includes Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court (J&DR) for each county and city, law enforcement agencies, detention centers, juvenile offenders programs as well as juvenile correctional facilities.

These are just some of the matters our attorneys handle in Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court.

  • Misdemeanor juvenile and domestic offenses including assault and battery
  • Protective orders
  • Child custody, visitation and support
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Educational law
  • Guardian ad litem for children
  • Foster care
  • Termination of parental rights

The Stuart Simon Law Firm has represented children, parents and family members in all of the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts in the Richmond area.

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