• Choice and Formation of Entity

  • Corporation

    >Sub C

    >Sub S

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)



  • Professional Liability Company (PLC)


  • Acquisition and Sales

    >Asset or Stock

  • Employment

    >Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation Agreement

    >Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Medical/Dental/Veterinary Corporate Service

Business, Contracts, Transactions

            Stuart Simon, with a Masters of Commerce Degree in Finance, brings over 30 years of business and legal experience to bear on your Corporate and Commercial Real Estate Concerns.


            Whether basic setups, more sophisticated operating issues or Business transactions, he can help with your needs.

            Most importantly, he returns his clients phone calls in a timely matter. If you wish to discuss our service in detail, please call 804-257-7233 Ext. 204.