We handle all kinds of Criminal Charges, including but not limited to:

  • Assault Offenses

  • Burglary / Dwelling Offenses

  • Drug Possessions

  • Possessions with Intent to Distribute

  • Fraud Offenses

  • Kidnapping

  • Larceny Offenses

  • Malicious Wounding

  • Rape

  • Robbery

  • Sex Crimes

  • Sex Offender Violations

  • Weapon / Firearm Offenses


Criminal Defense

Being charged with a criminal offense in Virginia is a very serious matter. Penalties can range from simple fines and Community Service to Incarceration. Don’t take any chances, call us today 804-257-7233 for a Free Consultation.

You have rights, know them!

We handle Misdemeanor and Felony charges all over the region.

• Chesterfield General District, Circuit and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts
• Colonial Heights General District, Circuit and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts
• Hanover General District, Circuit and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts
• Henrico General District, Circuit and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts
• Richmond General District, Circuit and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts

As a former Public Defender, Wes Simon has dedicated the majority of his 15 years of legal experience to defending his clients’ rights.

Navigating the criminal justice system can be complicated, don’t do it alone.

Call us today at 804-257-7233 for a Free Consultation.

Check your own case status here: www.courts.state.va.us


Am I going to jail?

If you are found guilty of the charge, then jail is sometimes a possibility. Whether you go to jail depends on the type of offense, your criminal history (if any), the circumstances of the current offense and other factors that can mitigate.

When do I need to hire a Lawyer?

If you think you might be charged with an offense, then consulting a lawyer is a good idea. Once you have received a summons it is definitely time to speak to one.

Will I have to pay fines?

Fines are sometimes required, depending on the type of offense.

Can my court date be continued?

Usually a court date can be continued at least once. Normally the first appearance is just to inform you of your charges and your right to have a lawyer. During a case however, there are always circumstances that might necessitate a continuance. 

Will my case to go trial?

Not always. Most cases get worked out in some way that does not involve trial. There will be hearings and Court appearances however, so plan on coming to Court a few times during the process.

Will this charge go on my record?

Maybe. If you are convicted of a criminal offense, then it will become a part of your record. Certain traffic offenses will remain visible for up to 10 years. If a charge was dismissed, or you are found not guilty, then you might be eligible for an Expungement which would remove any record of the charge from your record.

 Do I have to answer any questions?

You have the right to remain silent, but it’s up to you to exercise that right. The police can ask you questions without you being under arrest, in fact most statements are made before Miranda Rights are read and a person is formally placed under arrest.