Wes b. simon

Trial Court Services

As a former Public Defender, Wes Simon has dedicated the majority of his 15 years of legal experience to defending his clients’ rights.

His former trial court experience extends to other matters of law, be it family, personal injury, or other legal matters.

Cases We Handle


Can I handle my own legal issues?

Many legal issues can be handled by a person who is not a lawyer. If your case is in Court however and is anything more than a traffic ticket or a claim for money under $5,000, then the Courts will likely encourage you to seek professional legal help.

When do I need a lawyer?

If you have been sued or charged with a crime, seeking out advice from a lawyer is a good idea. Navigating the Court system can be very complicated.

What should I expect from my Lawyer?

A lawyer is there to help you. There are many different kinds of lawyers with even more kinds of personalities. The lawyer you choose should be someone with whom you can effectively communicate. Not being able to understand what’s going on because the lawyer cannot inform you in a way you can understand is not a good thing. You should also expect to receive bills from your lawyer. We help people because it is our job and our time is our asset.

What should my Attorney expect from me?

Be honest. If you do not explain your concerns and issues to your lawyer, then you are preventing them from effectively helping you. Lawyers are not magicians, so plan on being part of the process and working with the lawyer, not expecting them to simply handle everything without your assistance.